it’s been over a year since i started cosplaying miss martian and I still have so far to go


I’ll be Miss Martian (seasons 1 and 2) and Starfire from teen titans at dragon*con this year! friend codes are here ☆~(ゝ。∂)


Vriska Serket photoshoot sneak peeks!!! I’m so excited!


selfies from the guardians of the galaxy premiere!!!! 


cosplaying from Young Justice has been such an amazing experience - I can’t wait for our summer shoot!!

Miss Martian | Mercy Graves





"um starfire’s powers are fueled by the sun that’s why she has to wear skimpy clothes" hey u know who else’s powers are fueled by the sun? superman. come on clark time for that toothfloss speedo chop chop

his nipples are covered by tiny capes


truth, justice, and the american way

ray, your post made it to my dash

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Merry Christmas Ray!

I never had the chance to profess my love for your Steamstuck Roxy design//

part 1 of requested references

i feel really dumb i left all of my own reference drawings on my hard drive in my dorm

I know I don’t get on a lot but HEY can we stop reposting people’s art please

like man if you want the entire steamstuck groups in one set just shoot me a message (I reply faster on my personal) but it really sucks to see my own art on my dash in a post where it looks like a total stranger created them

people reposting my art is one of the reasons I left the homestuck fandom

so please know that it’s a shitty thing to do


That awkward moment when the other god in the room has a bigger hammer than you.

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